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EMIGRATION: Tell us your story


The Kernos Association aims to create an "ARCHIVE OF MEMORIES" that gives testimony and importance to the "emotional issues" of the phenomenon of emigration, often neglected and always a source of personal and social discomfort.

The Mayor Nicola Rizzo and his council, enthusiastic about the project, granted this Association free patronage of the Municipality of Castellammare del Golfo and the use of the logo.




The project, reserved for fellow citizens of Castellammare who have emigrated abroad and their family members, will be organized according to the following rules:



1. The Kernos Association will acquire narrative compositions of "ShortStories", experiences of emigration, poems, letters and correspondence, photos and captions, memories, expectations, prejudices, reservations and hopes really lived and / or told and handed down by emigrated fellow citizens .


2. Participation is exclusively reserved to our fellow citizens who have emigrated, or who in any case had their origins in Castellammare del Golfo and / or experienced the phenomenon directly or indirectly from a physical, emotional, family, individual or collective point of view, however linked mainly to our city of Castellammare del Golfo.


3. The short story must not exceed, if so, not slightly more two (three) sides of A4 sheet, possibly in electronic writing format, typewritten or written by hand.


4. Each composition, of any type and format, must include the personal data of the person who drafted it even in the event that anonymity should be chosen for personal, appropriate or privacy reasons.


5. The compositions written by third parties are allowed, provided they are authorized by the subjects directly interested in the narrative. For this purpose, any publication must be expressly authorized.


6. The writings, the works, the material or, in general, any other form of composition, should reach our Association preferably by email at the address However, other forms of dispatch are not excluded.


7. The Kernos Association must also be authorized for the possible establishment of a dedicated archive, but also for the possible use of the documentation received, for the purposes set out the  articles of association.


8. The association cannot be responsible for the truthfulness of the content of the document received. In fact, should the association deem appropriate, it reserves the right to postpone the acquisition of the doubtful material.


9. The association reserves the right to establish a literary prize symbolically aimed at creating the best possible interest, both from a cultural and social point of view, on the content of the compositions received.

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